Monday, November 27, 2017


Hello First Grade Families,

First, we would like to thank you for all of your support during the first trimester. It is a big transition from Kindergarten to First Grade and we have to say it has gone pretty well this year. We are enjoying working together as a team to educate our students. Our classes really love coming together as a group to learn, play games and do activities. We appreciate the feedback on homework and our new math program that we received at parent teacher conferences. Please feel free to communicate any questions, concerns or celebrations with your child’s teacher. We are here to listen, help and collaborate with families to make life in First Grade better!

At the beginning of the school year we did not request any materials or supplies to be sent from home. This year, we are using to help acquire some of the bigger items we need in first grade. We have already received a few donations from GSB families. Miss Lincoln and Mrs. Verney have already had projects funded. Miss Lincoln got a class set of bluetooth headphones, a tiggly to use with the iPads and sets of leveled guided reading books. Mrs. Verney received a class set of bluetooth headphones from a project that was funded over the summer and a set of leveled guided reading books! Some of the other materials we need for first grade are a large rug to accommodate all of our classes for group lessons, an easel with whiteboards, storage baskets and hooks for pocket charts, sets of leveled guided reading book and literacy games for workstations.

Tuesday, November 28th is “Giving Tuesday.” is generously giving away $5000 gift cards in honor of “Giving Tuesday.” For every donation made, the donor will be entered to win and every donation received, the teacher is entered to win. Currently, first grade has 8 projects that are live on the website. If you donate a dollar to each project, you have 8 chances towards winning the $5000 gift card and the first grade has 8 chances towards winning. Every donation not only helps fund our project but also promotes it. The more “donors’ we have, the more likely we are to be funded by companies or individuals not associated with the school.

In lieu of holiday gifts we would be so grateful to receive a small donation to one of our projects!

Thank you so much for your continued support,

Megan, Mylissa and Kassie

Top Banana Awards for the month of October go to...(SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!!)

Congratulations to Samantha Francis, Ava Ward and Meghan Arnold for earning the TOP BANANA award for October. These awards were well deserved! These girls work hard each day to follow our school rules of being respectful, responsible, safe and kind. They work hard, focus and strive to do their best each day! Congratulations!!! Who will earn top banana for November. You will find out very soon... :)

Shelling Dry Beans

First graders helped our Agriculture teacher, Margaret Coleman shell black beans for the "Food Bank Farm." The beans we planted and harvested by other GSB students. The beans will be available at our local food bank for families in need.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Holiday Book Orders

Holiday book orders were sent home yesterday. They are due back in paper form by November 30th or online December 1st. If you are ordering online for the first time, our classroom code is G3JC4!

If you are ordering gifts, please let your child's classroom teacher know and we can hold them for you or send them home in a concealed package.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

HVNC- Outdoor Classroom

Tuesday, November 7th our first graders went to Hidden Valley Nature Center for Outdoor Classroom with Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Herrick, Mrs. Peaslee and Ms. Schaff. We would like to thank our parent volunteers, Sarah Teele and Sara McKenzie.  Here are a few pictures from their trip. Students enjoyed hiking, coloring in nature, playing games, climbing and exploring the bog. In the bog, students discovered carnivorous Pitcher plants. They were excited to find ice inside some of the Pitcher plants!