Monday, October 3, 2016

What we do in 1st Grade...Guided Reading!

"Guided Reading" 

That's teacher lingo for reading books with small groups of students. We actually do more than just read books! So here is a little information about what we do with students during "Guided Reading" groups.

Our readers are working at all different levels. We group them by what reading level they are working at. At each level there are certain concepts of skills we teach. Not every student is learning the same thing. Each student is working on what THEY need to work on, how cool is that! It is magical really. What every student has in common is that they are reading BOOKS!

We practice...

  • identifying uppercase and lowercase letters
  • letter sounds (see attached video and photos)
  • sight words (Kindergarten, 1st grade and beyond!)
  • reading books 
  • rhyming words
  • sounding out words
  • blending sounds
  • reading fluently
  • pointing word to word as we read
  • using the picture to help us read
  • using our reading strategies from CAFE. (No Coffee, more on CAFE later!)
  • using text features to help us understand
  • and SO MUCH MORE!!!!
What are other students doing while we are working hard with our reading groups!? That's a really good question. Stayed tuned for the next edition of "What we do in 1st Grade!"

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